December 5, 2019

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We’re not complicated people, but just a few enthusiastic DIYers that have done a handful of kitchen renovations and house flips. All of the information and articles on this site focus on garbage disposals, though we also touch on other kitchen gear like farmhouse sinks and water purifiers.

You’ll find all the information you need on those topics on this site. It’s a great place for people looking to buy a garbage disposal, perhaps for the first time.

Our content helps compartmentalize your options and narrow down your choices.

If you have questions on a particular page or article, feel free to drop a line in the comments section and we’ll help as best we can.

Garbage Disposal Lineup (side view - small)

A Quick Introduction to Garbage Disposals

What exactly is a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals are motorized grinders that operate underneath your sink’s drain, working in conjunction with running water to pulverize food, sending small food particulars out through the plumbing. 

This allows you to dispose of food by simply dumping it into your sink, running water, and then processing it through the garbage disposals. 

Most garbage disposals operate through a switch near the sink, only turning on and running when the switch is thrown.

What is the best garbage disposal for certain needs?

There are a lot of different iterations of garbage disposals, varying in size, shape, noise, purpose, and power. Here are some of the guides we’ve written to address particular situations and recommend particular disposals:

Our Guides

Garbage Disposal Features to Consider

As you can tell from some of the guides we’ve created, there are a handful of features that you should pay attention to if and when you go looking for the perfect garbage disposal. We’ll cover those features in this section, one at a time:

Badger Series - One of the Best Garbage Disposal Models

Horse Power Rating (HP)

The grinding power of a garbage disposal is primarily measured by horse power, usually ranging from 1/2 HP to 2 HP. A horse power rating tells you a couple of things, primarily the type of food it can handle and the frequency of use it was designed for. In other words, garbage disposals with a higher horse power rating, say 1 and 1/2 HP or 2 HP, can handle things like fatty meats, fibrous vegetables, and even small chicken bones. Higher HP rating also assumes that it’s going to be more frequently and more heavily used. 

Grinding Stages

Some garbage disposals will have multiple grinding stages. While most have one, two or even three grinding stages are available, usually in garbage disposals with a higher HP rating.

Noise Level/Sound Insulation

Garbage disposals are inherently noisy and disruptive. Often they’re so loud that they can be jolting to a person when they’re turned on, especially if you’re not expecting the noise. However, many come equipped with noise-reducing technology and insulation that makes them quieter, to varying degrees. This is a feature that we’d recommend seeking out no matter what type of garbage disposal you’re buying.


On a more practical note, it’s important to pay attention to the size and physical dimensions of your garbage disposals. Since they need to fit under your sink, you’ll need to make sure there is enough room, particular enough height to fit the unit you’re considering.

Flange/Attachment Method

In a garbage disposal, the flange is what attaches the top of the garbage disposal to the sink drain. Most flanges and sink drains are the same size, but it’s good to double check dimensions of the flange and drain opening as well.


Garbage disposals are not particularly heavy, but weight is typically listed alongside dimensions, perhaps worth taking note if you’re already using a heavier sink.

Top Garbage Disposal Brands

When you’re shopping for a new garbage disposal, here are the brands that we trust and recommend most:

  • InSinkErator
  • Waste King
  • Moen
  • Waste Maid 
  • GE

Cost-Related Questions

How much do garbage disposals cost?

Most garbage disposals cost within the range of $50 to $350. Few go above or below that price range, unless you’re talking about industrial strength disposals. Most hover around $200 to $250. 

Read more: Garbage disposal cost 

How much does it cost to install a garbage disposal?

Installation is usually quick and simple for a plumber, which should usually run you between $50 and $100, depending on your location and your plumbers rate. 

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