How much do garbage disposals weigh?

Garbage disposals actually vary in weight quite significantly. Different brands, unit sizes, features, and manufacturing components can all play a role in determining the weight of a particular garbage disposal.How much do garbage disposals weigh?Based on our research, garbage disposals range in weight from about five pounds on the low end to about 20 pounds Read more about How much do garbage disposals weigh?[…]

Are garbage disposals safe?

While garbage disposals can be loud and seem a bit threatening based on their design and operation, proper use and installation makes garbage disposal accidents extremely unlikely. Preventative measures are the most effective and perhaps the most obvious ways to mitigate the risk of owning and operating a garbage disposal unit. They include (but should not be limited Read more about Are garbage disposals safe?[…]

Benefits of Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are more popular in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Particularly since the late ’90s, they have become a regular part of new construction and kitchen renovations in the United States. This is because garbage disposals, while simple in concept, provide a number of tangible and helpful benefits to the Read more about Benefits of Garbage Disposals[…]

Garbage Disposal - Continuous Feed

What is Continuous Feed in Garbage Disposals?

In a garbage disposal, the term “continuous feed” refers to a type of disposal that can grind up food without stopping.  A simple definition: They run without stopping after you turn them on (via a light switch) and don’t stop until you flip the switch off. These garbage disposals work in conjunction with running water and can accept Read more about What is Continuous Feed in Garbage Disposals?[…]