5 Things To Know About Waste King Garbage Disposals

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

If you are in the market for a garbage disposal and aren’t familiar with Waste King, it’s time to take a look at this company and compare it to others in the running.

If you haven’t heard of Waste King before, read on to uncover some benefits of this excellent brand. In this article we will take a look at five features of Waste King disposals that you should know before settling on a particular disposal. 

For those interested, checkout our other write up on another popular and well-respected brand, InSinkErator garbage disposals.


1. Experience

Waste King is owned by Anaheim Manufacturing Company (AMC) located in Brea, Ca. AMC has been in operation since 1955 and also owns other brands, the best known being Moen.

This company has had years of experience making trusted appliances for residential kitchen use. Waste King disposals are big on power and performance and less about looks or extra features.

These units are no nonsense and can get the job done.

If you are someone who wants reliability and power, Waste King will not disappoint. 

2. Installation

There are two lines of  Waste King disposals based on installation/mounting design:

  1. Pro 3 Bolt
  2. EZ Mount

Both are designed to be easily interchangeable with one another and both make for easy installation by DIYers.

Pro 3 Bolt 

The Pro 3 Bolt system is a metal ring with three bolts and is known for durability and longevity.

EZ Mount 

The EZ Mount system clicks into place making installation or replacement a breeze especially if you are new to garbage disposal mechanics or have little experience installing appliances.

Both are simple designs that lend themselves to do-it-yourself installation, and both systems offer a wide array of disposals in different horsepower models. This company is a wonderful choice for those who want a reliable product and are primarily concerned with the  installation process.

The company offers short, straightforward video instructions for both of their systems making them even more user-friendly. Watching the videos will ease any apprehension you may have about installation being complex.

3. Design

Waste King uses the newer permanent magnet motors designed to reach maximum speed immediately instead of the older model induction motor which needs to gain speed once its turned on.

The biggest perk of a permanent magnetic motor is that the disposal doesn’t need to be turned on before food waste is added to the chamber. If you are someone who wants to be able to toss scraps into the disposal at any point while cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, this feature could mean one less thing to think about.

Personally, I don’t tend to be overburdened with “forethought” and am not often accused of being overly cautious, so I can see the value in being able to toss those carrot peels into the sink before the disposal has been turned on.

Although both types of motors work well, if you are like me you may want a permanent magnet motor for convenience's sake.

4. Other Features

In addition to the permanent magnetic motor and the mounting systems Waste King offers some added features to their disposals which have proven quite attractive to consumers.

No Hard-Wiring Required 

All Waste King disposals come with a power cord to make installation even easier (no need to hard wire the unit in). Many customers appreciate being able to plug in their disposal and not have to deal with the hassle of electric work.

If you are not keen to try your hand at hard-wiring a disposal the attached cord is a life saver. 

Removable Baffle

Another feature which makes using the Waste King line even nicer is the removable baffle.

No matter how careful you may be, a stray piece of cutlery is bound to fall into the disposal sooner or later. Instead of unplugging the unit and reaching into the grinding chamber (which can be intimidating even with power turned off), simply lift up on the baffle (the ring attached to the splash guard) to remove it, reach in with a pair of tongs and take out the unwanted object.

No need to blindly feel around for the offending object with your hand.

This feature is another one that makes Waste King great for home use and especially nice for garbage disposal “newbies” who may recoil at the thought of reaching into the chamber. 

Noise Reduction

Sound insulation is an added bonus that means you won’t be screaming to be heard over your Waste King disposal. Even the most powerful models won’t sound like a revving engine which is great news for those with small homes, close neighbors, or kids.

Even if you live alone or don’t mind the noise, this insulation means you won’t have to struggle to be heard over the disposal when on the phone or entertaining. 

5. Commercial Line

A unique feature offered by Waste King is the line of commercial disposals they carry.

Although not many homes require the level of power and size associated with the commercial/industrial models, knowing where to find a good disposal for your business can mean you don’t have to do a ton of research to get the quality product you expect.

Waste King Industrial Strength Garbage Disposal

One of Waste King's high-powered commercial-grade garbage disposal.

If you have experience with this company and their products for home use, extending trust for their line of commercial products won’t be hard.

The list of industrial strength disposals offered is on the Waste King website alongside their list of residential models making shopping for home and business a breeze for those interested in both lines. 


No matter your biggest priority in a garbage disposal, Waste King is an excellent company that we think deserves your consideration.

They have high ratings by Consumer Report as well as copious five star reviews in plenty of detail by Amazon customers. The company has made a name for itself in the world of kitchen appliances and is known to be durable, easy to install, quiet and very high performing while maintaining a low price point that is reminiscent of Waste King’s no nonsense approach.

We highly recommend taking a look at what Waste King has to offer and putting it on your “short list” of companies with the best garbage disposals. 

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