June 4, 2020

Best Farmhouse Sinks for Townhouses (top 4 picks)

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Article updated by Bobby on July 14th, 2022 / Replaced the Ruvati 9130 with the Ruvati RVH9100 series, which is absorbed the 9130 with plenty of additional sizes to choose from.

A farmhouse sink in a townhouse? It can be done.

The farmhouse style sink is a classic design that has gained even more popularity with the trend towards farmhouse or shabby chic decor.

However, these stunning centerpieces of home kitchens aren’t just for sprawling mansions or vintage farmhouses. The look can be tailored to many home types, with appeal for practical as well as aesthetic reasons.

In this article, we'll cover our top four picks for townhouses which tend to have smaller kitchen footprints

Read on for how you can get the look you love and the practical perks in a lovely farmhouse sink that fits almost any kitchen. If you are interested in a general list of great farmhouse sinks take a look at our roundup of best farmhouse sinks here.

Best Farmhouse Sinks for Townhouses (our top 4 picks)





Ruvati Verona RVH9100

Ruvati Verona RVH 9100 (series)

30 inches

Kraus KHF200-30 Standart PRO

Kraus KHF200-30 Standart Pro

30 inches, 33 inches, and 36 inches

Lordear Farmhouse Sink

Lordear 30 inch White Farmhouse Sink

30 inches (wide range of sizes)

Bocchi 1138

Bocchi 1138-001-0120

30 inches

1. Ruvati 30 inch Stainless Steel Single Bowl (RVH 9100) 

Ruvati Verona RVH9100

This modern-looking stainless sink has a clean look and a deep single bowl made of 16 gauge stainless steel.

The included drain cover lends a polished look to the already tidy design. At only 49 pounds this sink is a good deal lighter than many similar models, where most farmhouse sinks are known for their heft and size. Customers love the quality and low price point which gets you under the $300 mark, even if you go higher for the 33 inch model.

We recommend it for medium-use kitchens in townhouses or even smaller apartments.

Read more: Can a farmhouse sink have a garbage disposal?

The grid, strainer, drain, and drain cover are all included.

The grid, strainer, drain, and drain cover are all included.


  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel material won’t rust
  • Comes in two forms: Traditional apron front single basin and double “butterfly” basin
  • Price is fantastic


  • Some complaints of scratches which is a known issue for stainless steel

2. Kraus KHF200-30 StandarD PRO

Kraus KHF200-30 Standart PRO

Another stainless steel option from kitchen design expert, Kraus, comes this 30 inch apron front sink with sound minimizing technology called NoiseDefend. This works by covering a large percentage of the sink with a thick padding on the interior.

This keeps things quiet, which is a nice feature if you tend to leave a lot of dishes in the sink at a time or if you don't have a dishwasher and need to do some washing by hand.

Some extras, similar to the Ruvati sink.

Some extras, similar to the Ruvati sink.

Although this model is slightly more money than the Ruvati, the additional noise padding and similar roster of extras (strainer, drain, etc.) recoups the value in our opinion.

Many also loved it’s durability and sleek look.


  • Easy Installation
  • Light Weight
  • Insulated for sound control
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Some thought the instructions were confusing
  • Some reports of rust stains despite the 16 gauge stainless steel material

3. Lordear 30 Inch farmhouse sink 

Lordear Farmhouse Sink

If you are looking for a traditional white farmhouse sink for a town home, or other small space, this 30 inch farmhouse sink from Lordear may be perfect.

The gently sloped front face provides a stunning focal point for this 10-inch deep single basin sink. Although the sink is listed as “true fireclay” by the manufacturer it weighs a bit less than most fireclay sinks at only 79 pounds. 

Lordear Farmhouse Sink with Extras

Customers loved its classic look and value and some even said it is more striking in person than pictures.


  • Classic white look
  • Lightweight
  • Fireclay material makes it resistant to very high temperatures
  • Comes with oven mitt and glove as well as a stainless grid for the bottom of the sink


  • One customer contested the claim of the manufacturer that the sink was genuine fireclay citing the lightweight of the sink and the fact that it is made in China as reasons it cannot be fireclay. The company stands by the claim that this sink is fireclay (but also lists porcelain in the description) and as such is heat resistant to 2900 degrees F

4. BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classic Apron Front Fireclay 30 inch

Bocchi 1138

This sturdy 200 pound model is 100 percent fireclay and has the heft to prove it.

The 10 inch deep basin is perfect for washing large pots and pans.

At well under $400 this sink is a steal compared to many fireclay models that can go much higher, even into four figures in some cases. The BOCCHI 30 inch gets high marks from customers for easy installation and value for the money, while rating the highest for durability.

The Bocchi fireclay model comes with the drain and straining grid.

The Bocchi fireclay model comes with the drain and straining grid.


  • Low price point for fireclay sink
  • Shiny white surface cleans easily
  • Classic flat apron surface goes well with many styles


  • Inside of sink is not sloped toward drain

Other Considerations

When shopping for a farmhouse style sink for a small space keep in mind the following features:

Dimensions of the sink 

As previously stated make sure to measure your space multiple times and double check sink’s specifications to be sure that you choose one that fits properly in your space.


Consult a design professional or contractor when installing a farmhouse sink to be sure your cabinetry can support the weight of the sink you choose. Farmhouse sinks are typically much heavier than traditional models and often  require reinforcement during installation to insure the sink is supported.

Under sink space 

Although a sink may fit the countertops it may not always fit  underneath the sink. 

Counter space for faucet

When installing a farmhouse sink you will need to cut holes in your countertop for the faucet. A contractor can help you determine how much space is needed behind the sink. 

Choose single or double basin 

There are advantages to both styles of sink and many farmhouse sinks come in both styles. 

Consider whether or not you will install a garbage disposal 

This could affect whether you choose a single or double basin although many times you can install a disposal in either style. If you need help choosing a garbage disposal check out our roundup of best disposals here.


When all is said and done a farmhouse style sink is quite versatile and there are many options for small kitchens like those found in townhouses.

With a bit of forethought for what your kitchen can accommodate and which look best fits your home, we are confident that you will find a perfect match at a reasonable price. Taking the time to research the options available in the size you need will go a long way in making sure you are satisfied with your sink for years to come.

After all, we don’t think this trendy take on a classic style will go away any time soon. 

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