December 9, 2019

4 Best Farmhouse Sinks for a Laundry Room (steel & fireclay)

Article updated by Molly on July 1st, 2022 / Added dynamic pricing for all four sinks, and checked to insure that each one was still available. Pricing is based on current Amazon listings and is updated in real time. Images and features are also current.

Kraus Kore Workstation Farmhouse Sink

A well-designed laundry room can almost function as an extension of your kitchen. When we replaced the cabinets in our kitchen, we had the old ones (still in decent condition) installed in our laundry room, which made movement between the two rooms much more convenient.

What would make our laundry room even more functional - that we haven't done yet - is installing a sink. And while we're big fans of farmhouse sinks for kitchens, we'd argue they're even better fits for the aesthetics of a nice laundry room because of the exposed apron front. That sink design is actually based on an un-mounted utility tub, which makes it a great fit for your laundry room's aesthetic.

In this article, I'm basically shopping around for a laundry room farmhouse sink for myself.

I'll list what I come up with so other can benefit as well.

Laundry Room Image

Sinks in a laundry room are very common. Though w think a farmhouse sink kicks it up a few notches. 

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Counter Tops, Cabinets, and Plumbing


If you're going to put an actual farmhouse sink in your laundry room and not just a utility tub, you're going to need a cabinet system with countertops, like you'd have in your kitchen. Most newer laundry rooms will have a cabinet and counter top system, though keep in mind this article assumes you have those in place.

Just to give a quick rundown, you'll need to following before you have a sink installed:

  • Installed cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Plumbing run into the room for hot and cold water

Once you choose your sink size (more on that below) your contractor can cut the countertops and cabinets for a proper install. For plumbing, you'll need to consult a plumber or contractor, though it should be fairly simple to run a hot and cold water line off whatever is feeding the washing machine.

Assuming all that has been taken care of, here are the farmhouse sinks we'll recommend:

Best Farmhouse Sinks for Laundry Rooms

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Kraus Kore Workstation Farmhouse Sink

Kraus Kore Workstation 32-Inch Farmhouse Flat Apron Front

32 inches

Bocchi 1138

Bocchi Classico Fireclay Aprol Sink

24, 30, or 33 inches

Mayfair SW1

Mayfair SW1 Farmhouse Sink

30 inches

Lordear Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Lordear Black Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

33 and 36 inches

How Big Should a Farmhouse Sink for a Laundry room Be? 

For a laundry room, I'd recommend going with something a little smaller, probably in the 30 to 32 inch width range. Everything I've chosen for this page fits that sizing requirement.

1. Kraus Kore Workstation

Kraus Kore Workstation Farmhouse Sink

While this particular sink does come with a handful of accessories, I'm more excited about the spacious bowel design, the soundproofing, and the nice drain add-on. It's all very laundry room friendly and durable enough to double as a utility tub for rinsing off muddy shoes or more heavy-duty workloads. 

The accessories are a take-it-or-leave-it type thing, but the sink itself is one of the 30-inch models that still feels like a really big interior. We also like the flattened front and stainless steel look. 

Kraus also puts up this model at a really decent price point at just over $300, which we'd consider an ideal amount to spend on a laundry room sink that isn't going to get the most use in your house. 


  • Great price point
  • Quiet, even with the stainless steel
  • Rugged enough to handle utility tub duties
  • Bowl is only 30" wide but interior feels large
  • Drain cover is a good look


  • Accessories feel like a waste 
  • Not as resistant to scratching/blemishing as fireclay

2. Bocchi Classico Farmhouse Sink

Bocchi Farmhouse Sink

This is one of the recommendations in our main best farmhouse sinks roundup, which we love for the simple, minimalist design and the organic fireclay mixture. It's heavy and resistant to scratching, though still includes the grid you see in the picture which can further protect the sink's interior from damage.

The front is almost completely flat, but would still be exposed and beveled in the front of your cabinet system,  

Here's what it looks like installed:

Bocchi Classico Apron Front Fireclay Sink (installed view)

A look at the front panel of the Bocchi farmhouse sink. 

The front panel gives you a clean and smooth look, ideal for laundry room aesthetics. 

We've linked to the 30" version of the Bocchi Classico, though there are other sizing options as well. It's heavier at about 75 pounds, which could mean your contractor will need to install some supporting beams underneath your sink in the cabinets.

Since fireclay is a bit more expensive you'll be closer to $500 for this model, and the white isn't ideal for heavier workloads. Though this is a better option for those wanting the minimalist and white aesthetic in their laundry room.


  • Resistant to scratching
  • Fireclay looks nice and is more durable
  • Protective grid is a nice inclusion
  • Great look for a clean, minimalist laundry room


  • Not as "hardy" as the Kraus steel option
  • It's quite heavy and could require some additional support underneath your existing cabinet structure

3. Mayfair SW1 Farmhouse Sink

Mayfair SW1 Farmhouse Sink

Mayfair's SW1 is another rectangle-shaped fireclay sink with a protective glaze and a lifetime warranty. It's also a little cheaper than the Ruvati Classico, though does not include a drain or protective grid.

The SW1 is more curved on the front panel and has more of a slope going towards the drain in the bowl. This makes it a bit more convenient for quick rinse offs and short jobs that could involve draining dust or dirt.

Again, the plain white look is great for laundry rooms.

Here it is a picture in its more common kitchen context:

Mayfair SW1

We'd rather see it made in the United States instead of imported, but it's still an incredibly strong and durable option, especially with the added protective glazing. I wouldn't recommend beating it up too much, but it's tough enough to handle some grimy laundry room duties.


  • Simple, white design makes for a great laundry room aesthetic
  • Glazing makes the fireclay more durable and resistant to blemishes
  • Decent price point
  • Slope to drain is convenient


  • No drain or protective grid included
  • Not made in the United States (imported materials)

4. Lordear Black Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Lordear Black Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

For around $400 Lordear puts together what I'd consider the quintessential laundry room farmhouse sink. You have a thick exposed front, sound-protected material, a scratch-resistant surface, and a fast drain design to top it all off.

While it doesn't have the aesthetics of the white fireclay models, it does look really nice and is probably the most functional of the sinks I've mentioned thus far.

For high-traffic laundry rooms or families with a lot of kids that need their sinks to take some abuse, this Lordear model is one of your best options.


  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Fast drain
  • Very quiet with sound-proofing layer
  • Thick layer of steel
  • Decently lightweight 


  • Looks don't compete with the fireclay models

Pros and Cons of a Farmhouse Sink in your Laundry Room

The alternative to a farmhouse sink in your laundry room is a more traditional top-mount sink or some kind of utility tub. I don't like utility tubs simply because of how they look, which is not to take away from their functionality. However, I'd argue that you can achieve the same kind of functionality with a nice farmhouse sink, and get a comparable level of toughness.

Pros of a Farmhouse Sink in your Laundry Room

  • They look a lot nicer than utility tubs
  • Usually more width
  • Aesthetics are more in keeping with laundry room design trends
  • Still very strong and durable

Cons of a Farmhouse Sinks

  • Less height than most utility tubs
  • More expensive to install
  • Require cabinets and countertops
Farmhouse Sink in a Laundry Room (2)

The advantage of a cheaper sink or a utility tub in a laundry room is that you just don't really care about it. With a nice farmhouse sink, you probably won't want to beat it up and use it with a little more care. I suppose that's the most significant sacrifice you'd make: You'd trade an element of convenience for an element of pristine aesthetics. Both sides have merit. 

Features to Consider

While we've touched on most of the main features to consider, I'll list each one of them here just so you know what we're looking for as it pertains somewhat uniquely to laundry rooms.

How Deep the Sink Is

To mimic the functionality of a utility tub, we prefer our farmhouse sink to be deeper, though this certainly isn't a deal breaker.

Sound Proofing

I like to see some kind of sound proofing technology for a laundry room, especially if I'm looking at a stainless steel option.

Material's resistance to Scratching

Since laundry room tubs and sinks will likely take more abuse, we need a farmhouse sink that can hold its own against scratches, stains, and abrasions. 

Size (width)

For width, we'd actually want to target something a bit smaller, since laundry rooms aren't going to have nearly as much counter space as kitchens. Go for depth and keep width around 30-32 inches.


Now, let's summarize quickly:

  • Go for depth, not width
  • Stainless steel is better for functionality
  • Fireclay is better for aesthetics
  • Countertops, cabinets, and plumbing (duh) are all necessary components

Personally, I think the trade off of the "roughneck" utility sink for the nicer-looking farmhouse sink is a decent swap. Getting that room to look nice makes the chore of doing laundry so much more enjoyable. Plus, it gives your laundry room some potential for overflow food prep if needed.

The best farmhouse sinks for a laundry room should be both functional and nice to look at.

Hopefully this helps you as I've mulled over some decisions I have to make about our own laundry room.

Good luck!

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