February 10, 2020

Best Garbage Disposal Under 100 Dollars: Top 4 Picks

Garbage disposals are great. Who doesn’t love the ability to expedite meal prep and cleanup while cutting back on the rotting organic material sitting in landfills emitting methane gas? These kitchen gems are a win-win; making life easier in the kitchen while being kind to the environment.

The only caveat would be cost.

The good news is that most cases garbage disposals are quite affordable.

As with any appliance, there’s a range of cost and performance to consider. And we’re here to help you score a great garbage disposal for a fair price, so read on.

We’ll go through a roundup and recommendation list of garbage disposals under $100.

Always low HP?

What’s the typical power rating for a garbage disposal under $100? When you are looking to spend that low you won’t find a lot in the way of super powerful disposals. A higher HP unit will usually be more expensive.

If you aren’t familiar with horse power as it pertains to garbage disposals, keep in mind that disposals start at 1/3 HP and move up to 1/2 HP and then 3/4 HP before getting to the “big dogs” that crunch lemon rinds (1 HP) or industrial amounts of food waste not typical for residential use (2 HP). At under $100 most of the disposals you find will be under 1 HP. Many are 1/2 which is often plenty of power for smaller households.

Remember, HP equals strength but not necessarily performance. So if you don’t actually need a ton of “oomph”, 1/2 or even 1/3 HP can be an excellent choice.  In this roundup we have a handful of units with good reviews from top rated companies which are either 1/3 or 1/2 HP. Again, that is not to say that anything more powerful doesn’t exist at this price point, just that the ones we like for performance happen to have a bit less power.

Best Garbage Disposal Under $100: Top 4 Picks

All of the garbage disposals in this list are under $100 and over $75.

Should you need something more powerful (or expensive) checkout Dispozal’s best garbage disposal guide, which is based entirely on quality and not a singular price range.

1. Insinkerator Badger 1 Garbage Disposal

Speaking of the difference between power and performance, consider our first disposal.

At 1/3 HP, repeat customers noted its lifespan of over a decade among the reasons for purchasing another Badger 1. An old standard from a trusted company, the Badger series has been around for years. With excellent reviews for easy installation and noise, and a brand name rated #1 in the country, this unit is a good option for small households. More than one reviewer commented on how this model replaced an older copy of the same after 11 years of reliable service.

While there isn’t a warranty listed, we’re assuming it falls back on the Emerson one-year warranty.

Going by its typical lifespan, the unit could cost as little as $10 per year.


  • Easy Installation
  • Reliable Brand
  • General good performance/long lasting


  • No warranty
  • Does not come with cord
  • Heavier than some competitors

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2. Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

Another big-name manufacturer in the disposal world, Waste King has been around for more than 50 years and the L-1001 is a great example of that longevity.

This unit is on the low end of our price range, yet comes with its own power cord, and removable splash guard (helpful for easy cleaning). Smaller in size than some, this disposal still grinds food waste at 1/2 HP. The components are stainless steel which means you won’t be dealing with rusting parts, and consumers took note of easy installation and mounting system.

Others loved the quiet hum and low vibration of the L-1001 and most reviews were 5 star ratings.


  • Cord and removable splash guard included
  • Stainless Steel but lightweight (under 10 lbs.)
  • Low price point
  • 2 year warranty


  • Plumber’s putty recommended for installation
  • Some customers replaced their disposals as soon as one year after installation although that experience was atypical
  • Some people did not prefer the EZ Mount system

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3. Moen GX50C Compact Garbage Disposal

Another 1/2 HP option is the Moen GX 50 C which also comes with a power cord and removable splash guard.

It also includes something called a soundSHIELD to minimize noise. From all accounts the soundSHIELD works pretty well as most people noted the low noise level of this sleek-looking unit. In fact, one DYIer couldn’t even tell if the machine was working due to its quiet sound while running.

Another noteworthy feature is the motor  which turns on at the speed it is designed to run instead of gradually gaining speed. This feature makes the low noise level even more impressive and is a particularly helpful detail in reducing the likelihood of jammed food.

Overall, reviewers applauded the quality of this unit for its price and claimed it out-performed competitors despite the lower cost.


  • Most customers described this disposal as particularly quiet.
  • In-home service offered with warranty
  • Jamming less likely due to operating speed of motor
  • Comes with power cord


  • Clicking noise when first turned on
  • Only limited warranty
  • No place for Allen wrench to access shaft of the disposal though Moen claims this unit won’t jam

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4. Insinkerator Badger 5 1/2 Continuous Feed Disposal

Last on our list of great choices for a low price tag is yet another InSinkErator Badger. The Badger 5 has a bit more power than the Badger 1, at 1/2 instead of 1/3 HP. At five pounds this unit is an easy install with several consumers clocking the process at less than an hour. One reviewer even made a point of noting that he was elderly and disabled and was still able to install this disposal easily.

Not surprisingly with this brand, the Badger 5 was often purchased as a replacement for another Badger which had lived a long life and left a happy customer behind.

These repeat customers say a lot about the quality of the InSinkErator brand and, in particular, the Badger series.


  • super light weight
  • 3 year in home service warranty
  • relatively high HP for cost
  • easy installation


  • Honestly, we had a hard time finding much to criticize here except that this unit is not especially quiet (though the noise level isn’t described as being high either)
  • Grinding components are galvanized steel instead of stainless so rusting is possible eventually

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What to Look for in this Price Range

All this information may be great but only if you have an idea of what you are looking for in the first place.

That is to say, realistic expectations of what your money can buy.

While garbage disposals are not one of the most expensive kitchen appliances, it is important to recognize that we are looking at a pretty low price point when considering garbage disposals under $100, and as such it is advisable to target as many high-quality features as possible.

Here are some of the buying factors to consider in our established price range:

  • Brand Name and Rating – This is where you should really start to narrow down your search. There are super cheap disposals out there but the brand is not well known or they are known to be cheaply made. We recommend sticking to a company that has some experience in these sorts of products (like InSinkErator, GE, or Waste King).
  • Performance – If you order a disposal with a 1/3 HP rating but really need one that operates on a level closer to 3/4 you may conclude that your 1/3 is not performing well when in reality it was never designed for what you ask of it. After establishing that you need a 1/3 HP device it will be a lot easier to decide which option performs well based on that criteria and the reviews of others with the same expectations. Performance can also mean longevity, so take a look at how often reviewers replace their units. In our experience even an inexpensive model can last for upwards of a decade.
  • Ease of Installation – Everyone is different but if you are reading this you are likely not new to DIY and would rather install a disposal yourself than hire someone to do it for you. That makes the installation process a bigger deal consideration. Check out what other people say about the instruction manual and how long it took to install. Some products even offer a video link.
  • Noise Level – At less than $100 for an appliance designed to grind things, it seems unrealistic to expect the unit to be completely silent. However, the point of a disposal is convenience and a disposal that sounds like nails in a blender doesn’t scream  “convenience”  since users are unlikely to want to turn it on. It’s not the most important factor, but something to keep an eye on, especially if you have light sleepers in the house.


In conclusion, finding the right garbage disposal takes a little work on the part of the consumer to research what is out there.

Even in lower price ranges, you can find a solid unit from a trusted company that performs well, can be easily installed, and isn’t horribly noisy. This is great news for the DIYer in the market for a garbage disposal under 100 dollars.

Hopefully this roundup of our favorites has at least helped get your search started.