February 23, 2020

Best Garbage Disposal Under $200 (top 4 picks)

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Garbage disposals are becoming more and more common accessories to kitchen sinks.

Chances are you have used one or even owned one, and if you are anything like me, once you’ve experienced the convenience of a disposal there is no doing without it. But all those little conveniences we can’t live without start to add up and can cost quite a bit. When it comes to kitchen appliances no one wants to pay a lot for the basics, and really, you don’t have to.

Read on if you are looking  for a reasonably priced, powerful disposal you can trust to do the job.

The following is a list of our best garbage disposals under $200 so you can stay on budget while adding a convenient upgrade to your kitchen.

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What Horsepower rating to Aim For

Disposals come in a range of horsepower ratings from 1/3 HP for smaller households and light use (the occasional food scraps), to 1/2 (able to handle a bit more food and use), and onto 3/4 and 1 HP which can handle fibrous foods like apple peels, celery, fatty meats, and more bulk from larger families.

In this price range you can expect to have options in the 3/4-1HP range.

Although $200 isn’t a ton of money, it does buy you a good bit of power in a disposal. We recommend aiming to narrow your search to 3/4 HP or 1 HP unit if you’re looking to spend around $200.

Garbage Disposal Lineup (side view - small)

Best Garbage Disposals Under $200

Our list contains four of the top disposals between $150 and $200, all with a 1 HP rating and from the most reputable brands in this home improvement space. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to help out.

1. InSinkerator Badger 1 HP

InSinkErator Badger 1 HP

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A senior member of the Badger series by InSinkErator, the 1HP Badger Continuous Feed is no stranger to tough messes. At 26oz the chamber can handle quite a bit of food waste with plenty of power to grind it up quickly. Reviewers praise the ease of installation even for first timers, as well as a relatively low noise level.

Although this disposal isn’t super light, it’s 17lb heft includes stainless steel parts which translates into longer life without the concern of rust; a step up from the Badger 3/4 HP which uses galvanized steel instead.

Some customers said their units lasted as long as 15 years and many were repeat buyers of InSinkErator which has been a trusted brand since 1927. Here you have an excellent option for power and performance for well under $200.


  • Stainless Steel components
  • Powerful (1 HP) – Advertised to handle chicken bones
  • Noise level comparable to less powerful units
  • 7 year limited warranty
  • Easy installation


  • Does not include a power cord
  • Some consumers said installation instructions confusing.


2. Waste King L-9980

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The Waste King L-9980 is capable of handling heavier and harder food loads thanks to its 1 HP motor.

One customer even compared it to a wood chipper and claimed this unit would pulverize a broomstick (though we do not recommend trying this).

Though a bit bulky, the unit is even lighter than the Badger and also made of stainless steel. The 9980 comes with a power cord, removable splash guard, and a 3-bolt mounting system which makes installation a breeze.

If that isn’t enough, the low price tag (around $150) puts this unit near the bottom of our price range.


  • Powerful motor (1HP)
  • 20 year warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Quiet after initial “click” sound when turning on


  • A bit bulky by some reports
  • “Clicks” initially when the motor engages which can be disconcerting to some

3. Waste Knight A1SPC

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Also from Waste King comes the Waste Knight A1SPC equipped with 1 HP motor and its own power cord.

This model is described as “very, very quiet” by one reviewer thanks to its special Silencer Technology. This powerful model has the highest RPMs of the list at 2800, and also contains stainless steel parts which are resistant to rust.

Waste King throws in a lifetime warranty (assuming you’re the first purchaser – or didn’t buy one used) to top it off.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sound insulated motor means a quiet disposal
  • Stainless steel components
  • Low price point


  • Some customers reported difficulty with installation
  • One reviewer reported water splashing up when the unit is turned on

4. InSinkErator Evolution Compact

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We cheated just a little bit to let this disposal make our “Under $200” list since the price hovers right above the $200 mark.

However, customers who were already sold on the Badger (also by InSinkErator) were blown away by this upgrade. The noise level has been compared to that of a luxury car and some even called it “silent”.

Also noted was the decrease in vibrations of the sink when the disposal is on. Evolution Compact has a 5 star rating for mounting and those completely unfamiliar with disposals were able to install it with no help from a professional.

Customers also noted the grinding capability of this disposal claiming it successfully grinds up fibrous foods like carrot and citrus peels, as well as eggshells. In fact, one brave homeowner even fed it an entire apple and two bananas just to be sure it was up to the task and this little guy obliterated the fruit!


  • 8 Year in-home warranty
  • Extremely quiet
  • Designed for fibrous food
  • 5 star mounting rating on Amazon
  • Compact size for versatile installation


  • Slightly more expensive
  • The “Baffle” or splash protector makes sink contents drain more slowly than some

What to Look for in the $200 Price Range

As you consider different disposals, we recommend keeping a couple of key factors in mind if you are shopping around the $200 price range. Even though you will have much larger ticket items to consider in a kitchen, $200 is the higher end of a garbage disposals price range.

In order to narrow your search, take a look at a couple of really well known brands that have been around for years. As our roundup lists show, we tend to lean towards some of the better known brands like InSinkErator, Waste King, and Moen.

When evaluating how a disposal performs it may be helpful to consider what sorts of food is recommended, how long a particular model generally lasts, and what kinds of materials the disposal is made of. Keep in mind that the “top of the line” material for durability will be stainless steel because it won’t rust. Galvanized steel isn’t terrible, but when you are shopping at the $200 mark, you may be overpaying for a disposal with anything besides stainless steel since you will likely have to replace one without it eventually.

The warranty is a good indication of how long to expect the disposal to last. Again, not that a lifetime warranty is a must, but just remember we are in a high price bracket at $200, so your expectations for longevity should be pretty high as well.

Another important factor is ease of installation. After all, if you are reading this you are probably intending to install your own disposal. Although some DIY projects seem intimidating at first glance there really are many disposals with good reviews for ease of installation and lots of customers have found the process to be quick and painless even for first timers. Again, if you are paying top dollar for a disposal, getting one that goes in without a lot of confusion or hassle is a fair expectation.

Lastly, we recommend weighing the cost against the value of the model you are buying. As discussed at the beginning of this article you can expect to narrow your search to 3/4 or 1HP when spending $200. Besides power take a look at what is included with the disposal (splash guard, cord etc.) and what materials are used to make the unit. Once again, aim for stainless steel grinding components. Some models have other “bells and whistles” like special mounting systems or patented sound minimizing motors. Just make sure the basics are there before all the other features and then you can decide whether those “extras” are something you are interested in as well. To recap, here is list of important factors in a garbage disposal:

  • Brand name and rating
  • Performance
  • Ease of installation
  • Pricing/Value

Does RPM rating matter?

Just in case all of these factors aren’t enough to keep track of, RPM rating is something else to have on your radar. If you go with a disposal with a high RPM rate, your disposal is less likely to jam but could also be louder than one with a lower RPM.

It could help you decide on a particular model but shouldn’t necessarily be the first thing you consider.

Am I over-spending at $200 for a disposal?

Assuming you keep the above list of important factors in mind we don’t think $200 is too much to pay.

After all, most of the time a good disposal will last quite a while and for that price you are getting your money’s worth if you can go a decade or more without a replacement. If you aren’t sure about the needs of your kitchen in terms of HP, keep in mind that deciding to purchase a lower level HP disposal at a smaller price point may not save you anything in the long run if you end up burning out the first and needing to replace it with a more powerful model.

For those who cook a lot at home or have larger families, the ease and durability of a powerful, well built disposal is hard to beat and definitely worth a couple hundred dollars.


Start with a couple highly-rated, well known brands and then consider performance, ease of installation, and price point; keeping in mind, of course the HP and RPMs of the models you are considering. Once you are confident that you have found a disposal that best meets all of those criteria, you can feel good about your choice and “pull the trigger”. Hopefully, you will join the many happy customers with excellent disposals and gain a lot of time in the kitchen from the help of such a handy appliance. We certainly hope that this and our other roundups have proved helpful in steering you toward the disposal that is right for you. Good Luck!