February 26, 2020

4 Best Garbage Disposals for Rental Property (our top picks)

Article updated by Molly on July 13th, 2022 / Added comparison table and live pricing for each garbage disposal. All original recommendations remain unchanged.

Garbage disposals are everywhere and their surge in popularity extends to apartments and other rental properties as well as single family homes.

If you are a landlord or own multiple properties and have not yet considered installing disposals in your rental properties, this article is for you. We will take a look at why garbage disposals are a great option for rental properties and which ones to choose.

Keep reading for a roundup of our favorite disposals for rentals and what makes them so ideal.

Small and low cost

Variety is one of the things disposals have going for them, both in features and cost. Nowadays it is relatively easy to find  disposals in a wide range of prices and horse power ratings (HP). While these convenient appliances may conjure images of large fancy kitchens, they are just as useful in small homes with limited space.

Rental properties looking to appeal to a variety of people with varying interests would benefit greatly from a disposal which may increase the appeal of a small kitchen to a renter who enjoys cooking at home. As an owner of a rental property, I want to know that my property is versatile and can meet the needs and desires of different types of people.

This is where a small sized, inexpensive disposal can really set your kitchen apart from others on the market.

These small, useful appliances are generally inexpensive, easily installed and durable making them perfect for rentals or other properties with lots of turnover and limited space.

Best Garbage Disposals for Rental Properties





Waste King L-2600

Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal

1/2 HP

InSinkErator Badger 1 Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Badger 1

1/3 HP

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

Waste King L-1001

1/2 HP

Waste King L-3200

Waste King L-3200

3/4 HP

The following is a list of disposals from trusted companies who know kitchen appliances and have stood the test of time. They each have excellent ratings for things like performance and easy installation and are super affordable. These disposals are all available on Amazon which means they are easy to purchase in large quantities, and since they ship directly to your door, there is little hassle when purchasing for multiple properties. Read on to find the one right for your property.

1. WASTE KING L-2600

From Waste King, the L-2600 has a small but mighty motor.

At 1/2 HP, it is mid-range power-wise and not going to break the bank, costing well under $100.  This disposal is ideal for small spaces and light use but with stainless steel parts it’s no sissy in the kitchen. The included cord adds to the ease of installation which was a noted feature for many customers, as was the L-2600’s quiet motor and excellent performance.

Users claimed to be surprised that even at 1/2 HP this Waste King can handle potato peels and other fibrous foods without problems.

And the 5 year warranty makes it the perfect option for customers looking to install a disposal in a rental property.


  • Stainless steel parts
  • Cord included/easy to install
  • Low price point
  • 5 year warranty


  • Does not include a wrench for trouble shooting jams
  • Some claim the warranty was not all encompassing and were left without help after the unit leaked


With slightly less power but equally good marks for performance, from InSinkErator comes the Badger 1, the baby of this series.

A motor of 1/3 HP makes the Badger 1 a reliable option for light use and small families.  Repeat customers say Badgers last upwards of 15 years before finally dying and leaving them to purchase another, boding well for the oldest manufacturer of disposals.

InSinkerator’s loyal customer base touts the unit’s performance, longevity and low noise level as the reason they see no need to shop other brands.


  • In Home Limited Warranty
  • Most say installation extremely easy
  • Quiet
  • Long life/excellent performance


  • Attached splash guard means cleaning is more difficult
  • Some say installation instructions confusing
  • “Quick Lock” feature leaves some customers dissatisfied with ease of installation
in stock
15 new from $89.99
10 used from $81.37
as of September 20, 2023 9:36 pm
in stock
48 new from $95.00
7 used from $74.29
as of September 20, 2023 9:36 pm

3. WASTE KING L-1001

Like the L-2600, the L-1001 gets high marks for noise, easy installation and price.

At 1/2 HP this sleek, light-weight disposal is a steal at around $50, making it perfect for buying in bulk.

Customers give high marks for installation ease and low noise level, plus this model comes with a cord. Perhaps surprising at such a low price point the L-1001 has a reputation for living a long life of close to a decade and the warranty extends for two years which is notable at such a low cost.


  • Removable splash guard
  • Cord included
  • 2 year warranty
  • Inexpensive


  • Some had issues with the mount/installation
  • Made of Galvanized steel not Stainless steel
  • Some had trouble with unit leaking
in stock
11 new from $80.64
5 used from $62.35
as of September 20, 2023 9:36 pm

4. WASTE KING L-3200

Providing the most power of the disposals on our list at 3/4 HP, the Waste King L-3200 is ideal for larger kitchens or heaver use.

Although it is a bit pricier than some of the others it’s under $100. Despite a larger motor and stainless steel parts the L-3200 is lightweight at under nine lbs so it isn’t a bear to install. Reviewers liked that it was relatively quiet and comes with a power cord and splash guard.

The eight year warranty puts our minds at ease that this model won’t need a lot of babying; a plus for those wanting to install it in rental properties or second homes.


  • Stainless parts
  • Eight year warranty
  • Low noise level
  • Easy Installation/Lightweight


  • EZ Mount system not a favorite for everyone
  • Higher price point
in stock
6 new from $105.15
10 used from $74.99
as of September 20, 2023 9:36 pm

Features that are Ideal for a Rental Property

When looking to purchase a garbage disposal specifically for rental properties or other homes with high traffic, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind.


Typically these are homes that are not getting the same day-to-day attention by the owner as the owner’s primary residence, so a warranty can be especially important. No property manager has time or even the ability to check in on all the appliances in all the homes he/she owns, and unless you have extremely conscientious tenants, most won’t give the same attention to the property as the owner.

In this situation having that warranty can be truly invaluable when something goes awry. Simply knowing that the manufacturer will back it’s claim or even send a mechanic out to troubleshoot will serve you well and be worth a lot in terms of reassurance even if you never end up needing to actually use it.


Cost is another particularly important feature in a garbage disposal for a rental property.

Landlords, property managers, and Air B and B owners are always trying to find that sweet spot where they can offer quality at a price that is sustainable to running a business and making a profit on their property.

In this case, a disposal can really give you an advantage because, as noted earlier, disposals typically don’t cost a lot but they do provide a unique service and are seen as a bit of a luxury. Being able to install a disposal that is cost efficient and reliable can be the difference between you getting business instead of the other guy. Additionally, if you have more than one property to outfit with modern conveniences, the cost can add up fast, so anywhere you can cut cost and still get a quality product is a win.


Along the lines of managing multiple properties, it could be helpful to make purchases that are easily done in bulk.

Each of the models reviewed here can be purchased from Amazon with the click of a button which can be a big help if you need to get your hands on a bunch of garbage disposals quickly. With that in mind, the issue of size of unit and ease of installation is also something worth considering.

Again, property managers and landlords have plenty to keep track of and they don’t need another thing to eat up time and effort. That’s why a quick painless process from purchase to installation is crucial.


Lastly, keep in mind how the disposal rates on performance.

Obviously everyone wants a disposal that performs well but that factor becomes arguably even more important if you are installing the unit to service someone else and not yourself. In other words, if the disposal you purchase for a rental property doesn’t perform well you will likely end up helping someone troubleshoot a garbage disposal remotely or be tied up working on it yourself.

To summarize, the following is a list of our most important features in a disposal for a rental property:

  • Warranty
  • Cost
  • Easy bulk purchase
  • Performance rating



There’s a lot to think about when purchasing a garbage disposal for a rental or other property.

Make sure to take it one step at a time and do your homework when considering each model and what it has to offer. Keep in mind the kind of use your disposal is likely to get and go with a HP that can easily handle what will be asked of it.

Think through the features in the disposals that are important for you and your tenants such as warranty, cost, easy installation and overall performance rating, and as we have mentioned before, go with a trusted manufacturer. A kitchen that you don’t use personally on a day-to-day basis is probably not the place to take a chance on an unknown company.

With any luck your disposal will serve you and your tenants well for years to come and be that little extra something that makes your property stand out against the competition.

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