How much does a farmhouse sink cost?

Shaw Farmhouse Sink

A Shaw farmhouse sink by Rohl. Flickr Commons Image via Schnaars

You're looking to buy a farmhouse sink.

Maybe you're renovating a kitchen or just replacing an outdated sink, and you want to know what to expect to spend in this area.

So I'm looking to provide an approximate answer for this question: How much does a farmhouse sink cost? What should someone expect to spend?

The short answer: Farmhouse sinks cost between $400 on the low end and around $1600 on the high end, depending on the following factors:

  • Sink material (fireclay, copper, etc.)
  • Dimensions of the sink
  • Manufacturer standards and process (handmade, location of company)
  • Additional features (warranty, accessories, etc.)

The biggest variable in terms of determining farmhouse sink cost is going to be the material used. For example, the average fireclay sink price is going to be different than copper.

Let's talk a little more about the cost of those two types of material since they're both quite common.

How much do Fireclay Farmhouse sinks typically cost?

Fireclay is the most typical type of farmhouse or apron sink material, used for its strength, sleek look, and resistance to scratching. It's probably the most resilient of the materials used, susceptible to staining but not much else. 

In most cases, you'll see fireclay farmhouse sinks priced between $400 and $800, though some of the boutique brands can get much higher. 

How much do Copper Farmhouse sinks typically cost?

Farmhouse Sink Made of Copper

A copy farmhouse sink.

Copper is a heavy metal material that must be polished to avoid discoloration or corrosion. Still, higher gauge copper is unbendable by hand or blunt force, meaning a copper farmhouse sink isn't going to crack or bend. The only problem with copper is that it can be susceptible to scratches, similar to stainless steel.

Copper sinks are usually sought out for the darker look and aesthetic appeal.

Copper farmhouse sinks are available in the same sizes as the fireclay options, though typically retail a little higher, usually in the $500 to $1000 range.

Typical Brand Pricing of Popular Farmhouse Sink Brands

For the most part, it's size and material that is going to have the most significant impact on price. Brand - in our experience - seems to have far less of an impact, unless you get into some of the higher-end sink options. For example, our fireclay farmhouse sink from Shaw - a "boutique" brand by sink standards - cost $1600, which is quite a bit higher than the price points we've suggested here.

Rohl Sink Page

Boutique brands tend to cost a lot more, regardless of the material.

Most other popular brands will stay in the $400 to $1000 range, depending on the type of sink you get.

This would include the following companies:

  • Ruvati
  • Sinkology
  • Bocchi
  • Mayfair
  • Kohler
  • Kraus

These brands all have a lot of different sink types and models to choose from, so the farmhouse sink price isn't going to be drastically different going from brand to brand.

Where is it cheapest to buy a farmhouse sink?

If you want to go with a nicer brand, perhaps a local manufacturer, like we did, you'll need to go to the actual manufacturers warehouse and pick out what you want. This is what we ended up doing and actually driving our sink home with all the kids in the car.

It was a little scary, and I don't totally recommend the process. 

The simplest and cheapest option is to just order online, perhaps from Amazon or Lowes. We've found that Amazon is almost always the cheapest option, far ahead places like Lowes or Home Depot. 

We've even put together a list of the best farmhouse sinks based on price and quality.

Warehouse Photo

Buying from a Warehouse like Amazon is almost always going to be cheaper than buying from stores with physical locations to maintain.


There's no question that farmhouse sinks are more expensive than the average stainless steel drop-in. Yet, they're far nicer and look a lot better in the modern kitchen design. My advice is to choose a material first, then price your sinks out based on what you expect to pay for that particular material.

The cheapest would be stainless steel, while copper is going to be more expensive, and fireclay will usually fall somewhere in between those two.

To simplify, look to spend $400 on the low end and $1400 on the high end.

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