Will farmhouse sinks go out of style?

Farmhouse Sink

Will farmhouse sinks go out of style? Not any time soon. Flickr Commons image via Majjie

Home trends do change, but thankfully, they change a lot slower than most others. Fashion, for example, and technology trends are quite difficult to keep home up. However, home building and decorating trends tend to have more longevity.

Perhaps too much staying power, in some cases.

Home buyers who have looked at a lot of houses know this. 

My wife and I have looked at a lot of homes over the past five or so years, selling two and buying two more, and have noticed the "outdated" characteristics in many of them. However, these aspects have taken decades as opposed to years to go out of style.

For example, the '70s kitchen design got a lot of families nearly 20 years worth of trendy interior aesthetics, even though today you don't see many yellow and orange walls.

Today's design is all about subtlety, which has led us to the popularity of the farmhouse sink.

Why Farmhouse Sinks are So Popular 

Farmhouse sinks are a part of the modern, subtle design that has just recently become popular. Soft colors and lots of whites with a few accent pieces are what make up most of the popular kitchen designs and remodels. 

Just take a look at the Pinterest landscape for the phrase, "Kitchen Design Ideas:"

Pinterest Results for Kitchen Design Ideas

It's a lot of whites and lots of soft colors. You'll also notice lots of love for the farmhouse sink.

And it makes total sense.

Because this is a perfect fit for the farmhouse sink style for several reasons.

Reason #1: It gets you away from stainless steel

One of the reasons farmhouse sinks are a good fit for modern kitchen aesthetics is because stainless steel sinks are falling out of favor and can only really exist in one color. Since most farmhouse sinks are made of fireclay, they often come in white or softer, lighter colors. This makes them a popular option for most Joanna Gaines kitchen styles.

REASON #2: They're Just Bigger

Along with the rise of more minimalist kitchen design concepts, functionality and sink size has also increased. With the apron front style - the exposed front panel - most farmhouse sinks employ, they tend to be bigger and more spacious, which has raised the standards of sink size and made split sinks lesson common.

Kohler Apron Sink

A fireclay farmhouse sink.

Reason #3: Fireclay doesn't scratch as easily as stainless steel

With farmhouse sinks becoming more popular, fireclay is becoming the material of choice for sink manufacturers and consumers. Not only do a lot of people like the look of it better, but it's also less prone to scratching then stainless steel. One downside of fireclay is that it can stain under some circumstances, especially the pure white bowls. 

So, will farmhouse sinks go out of style?

Based on the reasons they are popular, farmhouse sinks aren't likely to go out of style any time soon. The exposed front panel, the light colors, and the increased space all have a lot of staying power and are even somewhat versatile from a stylistic perspective.

In fact, it's the stainless steel sinks that I would be more concerned about going out of style.

Many people who buy farmhouse sinks are doing so in order to replace an old, rusty, or out-dated stainless steel sink.

Buying a Farmhouse Sink

Those of you who are looking to purchase one, checkout our roundup of the top farmhouse sinks with individual ratings for each one.

It's a simple guide that helps you get a feel for what features to watch out for and what brands of farmhouse sinks are going to give you the most value.


Kitchens today are built for simplicity, minimal colors with accent pieces, and high functionality.

The farmhouse sink embodies all of those characteristics. 

Thus, I would speculate that it's not likely to go out of style any time soon. If you're thinking of buying one for your own kitchen, buy confidently and expect to get a lot of years out of it without losing out on the trend.

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