Full Moen GXS75C Review (garbage disposal)

Article updated by Molly on September 29th, 2022 / Updated copy, added pricing chart and comparison chart.

The Moen GXS75C garbage disposal has been designed for people who frequently cook for family and/or guests and need advanced clean-up power. The grinding components and power behind the Vortex motor make it easy for the unit to consistently break down tough food scraps as well as large volumes of food waste,

This unit is ideal for medium-sized homes and families, or for those looking to improve their kitchen with preparation space that is more functional.

In this article, we'll cover a simple Moen GXS75C review which will look at the most important features of the unit like ease of installation and overall value.

Comparison Table

This table lets you compare the GXS75c to some other, similar garbage disposals. Price and basic features of each one are included (note that pricing is updated live).



HP Rating


Moen GXS75c

Moen GXS75c

3/4 HP

Waste King Legend Series Half HP

Waste King L-2600

1/2 HP

Moen GXP50C

Moen GXP50C

1/2 HP

Waste King L-1001

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

1/2 HP

The Moen GXS75c garbage disposal, installed in a sink cabinet.

The Moen GXS75c garbage disposal, installed in a sink cabinet.

Pricing (updated live)

Summary of our Moen GXS75C Review


  • Stainless Steel Grind Chamber – anti-corrosive and rust-proof
  • Sound-Seal Insulation Technology for quieter use
  • Powerful Torque which will ensure tougher food scraps can be broken down easily
  • Compact Casing ensures that valuable space is saved


  • Some verified users have said it's on the loud side, despite the Sound-Seal tech.

Grinding power

The GXS75c has a 3/4 HP Vortex motor which provides fast and powerful grinding, even of tough food scraps. It does well with typical things like egg shells, vegetables, and meat fat. For most 3/4 HP disposals, small bones are also fair game.

You also get a 2700 RPM chamber rotation which is fairly fast by many comparisons allowing the unit to grind down food scraps quickly. High RPM combined by a higher HP rating should give you a pretty consistent experience (quick and smooth grinding).

With the fast Vortex motor and the the grinding components, you greatly reduce the chances of jamming the GXS75c.

Sound and Noise Levels

The Moen GXS75C has been produced using Moen’s Sound Shield technology, which helps to deaden the noise of the motor. This is helpful for those with young children in the house or those who simply do not want loud garbage disposal.

Because of the low noise level, this garbage disposal can be used regularly without getting irritating.

While some reviewers have found the noise a little too loud compare to other more quiet garbage disposals, we'd argue the volume of the GXS75c is decent, especially given its low price point.

Ease of Use and Installation

The Moen unit is easy to install. It connects quickly using a 3-bolt sink flange, like many other garbage disposals. The 3-bolt flange may be unfamiliar to some, but the process is surprisingly simple. If you have an old disposal, make sure to take note of how that one is installed before removing it.

Licensed plumbers can also take care of this job for you.

If you have an existing EZ Mount in place, you will need to remove it to install the Moen unit.

The GXS75c is fairly easy to install.

The GXS75c is fairly easy to install.

The unit comes with a splashback guard, ensuring you will not end up with food scraps floating back up into your sink.

The GXS75C unit also comes with a pre-installed power cord, meaning you will not need to worry about hard wiring. The power cord comes with a plug so you will need to ensure there is a wall socket in the cabinet below your sink.

The Moen disposal fits most existing assemblies, including those from other brands, making it easy to switch.

It's a fairly compact design, which helps free up some space in the cabinets below your sink. Measurements are 9.69 x 9.69 x 14.88 inches, putting it on the smaller and more compact size of garbage disposals.

Also, it only weighs 10.25 pounds. 

Materials and Durability

The grinding components are made with polished stainless steel which is a material that is anticorrosive and can be exposed to water and food waste without rusting.

The grinding chamber is produced using corrosion-proof, glass-filled polyester, and nylon. When you buy a garbage disposal, you'll want to ensure that it will be able to resist any wear-and-tear and rusting with daily exposure to water and food waste. Anti-corrosion and rust-proof material significantly extends the life of a garbage disposal.

Though it's worth noting that most current models - among the popular brands - are made with material that doesn't corrode or rust.

The sink drain flange is finished with polished stainless steel, which again is anti-corrosive and rust-proof.

Cost and Value

The Moen GXS75C is fairly cheap, especially when you compare it to some of the higher-end InSinkErator models. Moen has also taken steps to ensure long-term durability, which means it's likely to keep running for decades.

It comes with a 10-year limited warranty with in-home service, which guarantees that if you have an issue, the company will be able to fix it on-site.

There won't be any sort of mailing it off and waiting. 

Moen does a good job of keeping price low while giving you some high-end features. At its current price point (see above pricing table), it's a fantastic bargain.


The Moen GXS75C garbage disposal is a good choice for medium-sized homes, or for a family that often hosts dinner parties and needs stronger clean-up power. The quality of the materials will ensure that it will last a long time before a replacement is necessary due to basic wear and tear.

The 3/4 horsepower and 2700 RPM motor will handle even the toughest scraps will be broken down without jamming, meaning you can reduce the amount of food waste that will end up in a landfill from your house.

Overall it's a great option.

If you have questions about our Moen GXS75c review, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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