June 19, 2020

Full InSinkErator Evolution Compact Review (bought and tested)

Article updated by Molly on July 14th, 2022 / Updated article formatting and added live pricing for the InSinkErator Evolution Compact.

Insinkerator In Box

For those interested in InSinkErator or looking for a low profile garbage disposal, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is well worth your consideration. 

In this piece we will review the Evolution Compact (and SpaceSaver XP) in detail but if you are interested in other garbage disposals take a look at our best overall garbage disposal recommendations here.

We will take a look at how this disposal holds up in the following categories: 

  1. Sound Reduction
  2. Low Profile
  3. Performance
  4. Easy Installation
  5. Price Point
  6. Warranty

For those who are in a hurry, here's a our quick InSinkErator Evolution compact review summary:

InSinkErator Evolution Compact Review

InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3-4 HP Garbage Disposal

Our Review Summary

Though not as quiet as many might perceive it to be, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact (and now the SpaceSaver XP) do conserve space, and can handle some heavy disposal duties. We recommend it for smaller kitchens or small cabinet spaces that still get a lot of work and food prep.

  • Definitely conserves space beneath sink
  • Quiet, but not as much as we had hoped
  • Very powerful, even by the standard of larger disposals

Additional Variations of the Evolution Compact and Live Pricing

Sound Reduction

The Evolution Compact is part of InSinkErator’s line of disposals engineered for sound reduction.

SoundSeal technology makes the Evolution Compact a lot quieter than other disposals and rubber parts connecting to the output lines reduce vibration. Customers were impressed with the quiet hum of this disposal in contrast to other units’ much louder sound. One even joked that guessing if the disposal is on or off could be a “party trick” to impress your friends.

Testing Noise Levels

Though in the models we tested, we found that these units - both the Compact and SpaceSaver XP - were quieter but only to a point and it seemed to depend more so on what kind of food you were putting into it.

So yes, the SoundSeal technology works, but don't expect a subtle hum or purr. It's still going to produce some noise.

Insinkerator Evolution Series - Some of the quietest garbage disposals available

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact garbage disposal is quiet, but not that quiet.

Low Profile

Some may think a ton of space is required to own a garbage disposal, however, this is not the case thanks to low profile models which only need a limited amount of space. The Evolution Compact is a perfect example of a disposal with sufficient power (¾ horsepower) that won’t take up the entire area underneath the sink.

At under 20 pounds and just over 12 inches high and eight inches wide, this disposal can slide into the smallest of sink cabinets making it perfect for small kitchens or those who need to conserve space for storage purposes. 


Don’t be fooled by Evolution Compact’s demure size; it can still outperform many competitors thanks to the dual stage multi grind motor.

The Dura Drive induction motor breaks food into pieces in stages so that you're less likely to experience jams, even from tough food scraps like vegetable peels. The manufacturer even claims melon rinds and chicken bones won’t give this unit any trouble.

Customers who historically had trouble with other disposals jamming or not processing tough scraps were pleasantly surprised by the ease with which the Evolution Compact ate through food waste.

The one we have in a our kitchen seems to back up these claims, though we've yet to throw chicken bones at it.

Fibrous fruits, veggies, rinds, and peels all some to go off without any issues.

Easy Installation

A huge part of purchasing a garbage disposal for home use is finding one that is accessible to the DIYer. The best disposal at the lowest price point won’t do you any good if you can’t install it, and paying a pro for their time may quickly put a damper on a well priced unit.

The Evolution Compact gets the highest ratings for it’s superior mounting system. Customer after happy customer touts the ease with which the disposal goes into place. One reviewer even commented that they didn’t even know what a garbage disposal was until shortly before purchasing this model and still had no trouble with the installation process, boding well for newbies especially. 

InSinkErator has designed their disposals to be installed interchangeably with one another making installation a breeze especially for those who have previously owned an InSinkErator. The quick lock mounting system does seem to attract repeat customers as evidenced by reviewers who purchased the Evolution Compact to replace an older InSinkErator model. Since new InSinkErator disposals simply twist into place it is easy to see why customers keep coming back.

Price Point

Price is another aspect the Evolution Compact has going for it. Although there are cheaper models on the market, we still think this model offers plenty of bang for your buck at around $200

One thing to note:

Price this model online before purchasing from a local big box store. One reviewer noted that it was cheaper to order it from Amazon, so if waiting a couple days for delivery doesn’t bother you, you’ll likely save some money going the online route.

When weighing price against the competition we suggest considering the lifespan of the disposal and how much money you are spending over the course of that lifespan. It’s not unusual for garbage disposals to last upwards of 10 years. In that case, $20 a year is a small price for the convenience of a good quality garbage disposal. 


In the case of the Evolution Compact the company offers a four year in home limited warranty. We think this is significant for an appliance costing about $200.

The warranty is listed plainly in the description of the disposal so there shouldn’t be any surprises about what is and is not covered. Guaranteeing in home service and for a disposal for four years has us convinced InSinkErator stands by their product and doesn’t expect it to fail.

Pros and Cons Review Summary


  • Small size makes for versatile appeal
  • Quiet
  • Four year in-home warranty
  • 34 ounce capacity
  • Dual stage grinding design
  • Leak Guard Liner included
  • Stainless Steel grinding parts
  • Reasonable price point


  • Induction motor may be less preferable to a magnetic motor since an induction motor gains speed gradually after being turned on. An induction motor requires the disposal to be turned on before adding food scraps to the grinding chamber. A magnetic motor turns on at the speed at which it processes food and food scraps can be added to the grinding chamber before turning the disposal on. Mostly a matter of preference.
  • Some thought the baffle that comes with the disposal was slow to drain


Overall, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is a superior choice for those in the market for a disposal that will keep up with moderate to heavy use while not taking up a lot of space.

The sound reducing technology, easy mounting system and quality of the InSinkErator brand ticks the most important boxes for many consumers and the proof is born out in the high ratings this disposal gets.

The Evolution Compact is a strong choice for anyone in the market for a disposal, but if you need a quieter, low profile unit, we think you will be especially pleased.

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