Moen GXP50C Garbage Disposal Review (quick look)

Article updated by Molly on January 10th, 2023 / Checked links and set up the pricing table with Amazon and Walmart listings. Please check the table yourself for up-to-date retail information.

The Moen GXP50C garbage disposal is a high-powered, durable and easy to install kitchen appliance that can effectively grind and dispose of food waste. It utilizes the narrower body design, but still gives you a 1/2 HP motor, which is pretty standard for most households.

When you get to 3/4 or 1 HP, you're getting into heavier use.

The "slim" GXP50C garbage disposal.

The "slim" GXP50C garbage disposal.

So with a slim profile, a powerful motor, and a really inviting price point (check the pricing table below), we have a great option for the moderately intense kitchen environment.

It's a good "go to" on the garbage disposal market.

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Comparison Table

In this table we've set up the Moen GXP50C with some other similar units, including the GXS75C, for easy comparison. You can hit the compare button to look at basic specs and live pricing. We also have pricing tables below.



HP Rating


Moen GXS75c

Moen GXS75c

3/4 HP

Waste King Legend Series Half HP

Waste King L-2600

1/2 HP

Moen GXP50C

Moen GXP50C

1/2 HP

Waste King L-1001

Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal

1/2 HP

A good look at what the Moen GXP50C might look like after installation.

A good look at what the Moen GXP50C might look like after installation.

Moen GXP50C Price Guide

Summary of our Moen GXP50C Review


  • Narrow profile is a plus, especially for smaller cabinet space
  • Good option for septic systems 
  • Powerful for such a small frame
  • 2600 RPM motor gives you plenty of speed


  • No ShoundSHIELD like the larger Moen units

Grinding power

As with any garbage disposal, the primary feature concerning the Moen GXP50C is its power and grinding capability. As I mentioned, it has a 1/2 horsepower motor that can easily grind and dispose of your typical tough food waste.

I probably wouldn't drop chicken bones or fruit pits, but fatty meats should be okay.

Use your best judgement. 

In most situation, this garbage disposal can handle typical amounts of food waste without getting clogged or jamming.

I would definitely avoid fruit pits and larger meat bones. 

Sound and Noise Levels

One of the consequences of narrower garbage disposals is that often times they can be noisier.

In the case of the Moen GXP50C, it does not include the SoundSHIELD technology that we see in the larger models. The noise isn't terrible, but definitely not as subtle as some of the more expensive models.

The grinding power and the great price are both there, but you'll give up some ground on the noise front.

Less noisy option

If you want to level up with something that's less noisy, I'd recommend paying a little more for the Moen GX50C. It's larger, stronger, and a good deal quieter than the GXP50C.

Other Notes

In case you were wondering, power cord and universal mount hardware are also included, so no worries there.

Warranty Info

Moen offers a five-year limited in-home warranty, which is decent. We've seen 10 years, but hey, 10 years is a lot. We'll give Moen partial credit.

Cost and Value

The GXP50C is very budget friendly.

Though we might recommend upgrading to the GX50C, because it's just $10-$15 more in most cases.

Either way, price is a big selling point of the Moen disposals. InSinkErator Evolution models quickly gets you into the $200 range and higher, so Moen's pricing is a lot more manageable. 

Always keep in mind though, you get what you pay for.

Review Conclusion

It's a good fit for the average household that does a modest amount of unremarkable cooking. Chicken legs for dinner, maybe some carrot peels, some salad - that type of thing.

If you're trying to keep things quiet, upgrade to the GX50C.

If you don't care about the noise and you want the narrower size, perhaps for a small cabinet, the GXP50C is gonna do the job.

Leave questions in the comments section below.

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