Full Waste King 9930 Review & Rundown

The Waste King 9930 is one of the more popular continuous feed garbage disposals on the market, and a popular fit for small to mid-sized homes, or for those looking to improve a kitchen and make their prep space more functional.

In this article, we'll run a simple Waste King 9930 review covering the features, ease of installation, and value of the popular garbage disposal.

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Waste King 9930 Review Summary

Though not impervious to getting jammed now and again, the Waste King 9930 does a great job handling basic food waste and required no electrical work to install (just plugin in and go). As long as you avoid fibrous veggies and bones you'll be fine with the 9930.


  • Great price point
  • Easy to install
  • Covers all the basic food waste (just avoid heavy stuff)
  • Solid warranty from Waste King


  • Gets jammed on occasion 

Grinding Power

At 1/2 horsepower the 9930 does great with leftover cereal, crunchy vegetables, pasta, and anything on the softer side. We'd recommend avoiding large quantities of food at one time, even with the continuous feed. Aim instead for single plates of food, and section off leftovers into stages.

Though it is extremely fast (high RPM motor).

We'd also recommend avoiding heavy leftovers like bones and fibrous veggies, as the 1/2 HP motor isn't going to have the muscle to grind those up.

Sound and Noise Levels

The Waste King 9930 isn't particularly quiet, but it does seem to handle food grinding without getting louder than its resting volume. We tried wrapping a couple towels around the unit underneath the sink which actually helped lower the noise. But again, it's manageable enough that you probably won't have to do that. 

You'll also notice that with harder and heavier chunks of food, the unit might tend to get a little louder. This goes back to avoiding those food items anyway, just to prevent jamming.

Ease of Use and Installation

You don't need to do any electrical work to install the 9930. Just take it out of the box and plug it into the wall outlet (assuming you have a wall outlet already hooked up to a switch). Once you have the existing sink drain or drain cap removed, you can use the 3-bolt Easy Mount system to fix the unit to the bottom of your sink.

If you aren't comfortable hooking up the pipes, you'll need to get a licensed plumber to handle that portion of the install.

Install will be easier if you have a previous garbage disposal that you're replacing, but overall it's not terribly tricky, and the Waste King 9930 takes some steps to make the process easier for you.

Cost and Value

Waste King prices the 9900 series (9930, 9940, 9950), in the $200 price range, which is a little high for what they do. You do get a faster motor and more durable parts, so we don't mind the price if you think your disposal is going to take a little bit of abuse. Generally speaking, the higher the Waste King number, the better the disposal is going to be.

We'd like to see the unit cost a little less, but for what you get it's not a terrible price tag, and certainly worth it since you're getting a unit that will likely last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Review Conclusion

We like the Waste King 9930 for apartments, smaller homes, and those that want a faster motor. It's also a higher-end Waste King option, which means you're paying more for longevity and higher quality parts. It does get jammed on occasion and isn't the most quiet, but it does a good job with the basics and gives you enough power for most food waste.

If you have questions about our Waste King 9930 review, feel free to drop those in the comments section below.

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