What is the easiest sink material to clean? (three most common)

For those in the market for a farmhouse sink, one aspect worth consideration is how easy the sink is to keep clean. 

These days farmhouse sink styles and materials abound and choosing one that fits well with your lifestyle is certainly attainable. A little digging can uncover the best option for you based on a number of factors including how easy the sink can be kept clean. 

We will lay out the top three materials to choose when ease of cleaning is your goal. 

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This list doesn’t mean that other types of sinks can’t be kept clean, and weighing the importance of cleanliness versus other features, like style and cost, is also important. If knowing your kitchen sink is as clean as possible at all times is of utmost importance to you, read on for our suggestions of which materials to start with.

For general tips, checkout our article on how to keep sinks clean.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Sink in a Kitchen that Needs Cleaned

Stainless steel sinks are extremely popular for a number of reasons.

They are inexpensive, not particularly fragile, versatile in style, and they also get high marks when it comes to material that is easily kept clean and germ free. Stainless sinks are not porous and won’t harbor bacteria the way some sinks will.

The metal can be scrubbed with a cloth or sponge dipped into a baking soda/water paste.

Even though it does occasionally scratch, scratches are easily removed from a stainless sink using a fine piece of steel wool which will buff them right out.


Another good choice for maintaining cleanliness is fireclay.

These hardy sinks are made of a clay and mineral composite and fired at extremely high temperatures. For cleaning, they usually only require a quick wipe down with soap and water without the need for special cleaners or agents. 

They are popular choices for aesthetics and style too. 

Who can resist a sink that is functional and beautiful?

If you have or end up with a fireclay sink, here's the simplest cleaning process:

  1. Clean regularly to avoid staining
  2. Clean with warm water and maybe a little soap
  3. Dry with a kitchen drying towel to keep the bright white color

It doesn't get much easier (or cleaner) than the fireclay material.


A copper sink makes our top three list simply because it has natural antimicrobial properties.

What is cooler than a kitchen sink that virtually cleans itself?

That  said, keep in mind that as easy as these sinks are to keep free of bacteria they are quite difficult to keep looking polished. Copper will naturally develop a greenish patina which doesn’t harm the copper at all but covers up that “new penny” look.

If you don’t care for the look of the patina on copper you will likely be frustrated trying to maintain that pretty copper glow. However, if the aged, earthy look of copper left to its own devices matches your style and having a sink that repels bacteria sounds appealing this unique material could be exactly what you need.

Wrapping Up

With so many choices on the market today there is a kitchen sink for everyone and finding your perfect sink doesn’t have to be overwhelming and difficult.

Think through some of the most important features in a sink and rate them from most to least important. Doing so can go a long way in saving you time and energy considering sinks that may not work well for your lifestyle. If you aren’t sure where to start but know you want a farmhouse sink take a look at some of our favorites here. 

Sticking with These Materials

If on the other hand you are sure that keeping your kitchen sink super clean and virtually disinfected at all times is the highest priority  shop for sinks made of stainless steel, fireclay or copper and stay away from porous materials or those that require specific cleaners to look their best.

With a bit of digging we are confident you will find the farmhouse sink of your dreams soon.

Good luck!

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